Loving you was not easy…!!!
As I hesitated a lot,
Being me to you was absurd,
As I was trying to be into your heart.
Conceivably, the relation wasn’t
credible to others,
But, had you realised…
That we were getting apart.

Why you cared so much of them
Instead of US,
Why didn’t you spoke to me
About, all of that fuss.

I had to go…
Coz you never stopped.
I had to get through…
You should have called,

Lurking around was not easy,
As I get cheated a lot.
YOU were not being YOU…
I don’t know if you
wanted US to happen, or NOT..!!!

Loving you is not easy..!!!
Not as I thought.

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  1. This is something relevant , like loving a butterfly despite of knowing that butterfly will not survivor in any hand just leaves behind some colour of life.
    So, look a butterfly , embrace it’s beauty but let her fly .
    Akhir kar vo nadan h …
    Let her fly to the end of sky….😊

  2. Plastic brain open to possibilities,
    I am strong i can hold responsibilities,
    That was my attitude for so long,
    Until I realized i am not that strong.
    People come and people go,
    Then why do my heart feel sorrow?
    She was just another one of them!

    Harm was done until I realized,
    My heart was in great pain,
    That feeling clogged my brain,
    For those moments, i was not free,
    Why did i felt, she was the one for me…

    Bhau I love your work ♥️ you inspired me to write what I feel, keep up with those fantastic poems of yours 😘

  3. I loved it. This poem put me in deep Thinking. Keep Writing All the best for future. 👍❤️

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