Despite Despair.

I am despairing…!!
What should I do?
I was degraded…!!
I was holding up
My mistakes..!!
Universe conversed,
Sobbing is not
for what you’ve incarnate.
Which has never begun
How could a person end that
Fake rage, for some sake…
Beaten all as polite drake.
Dysfunctional tongues,
Alienated words
Dealt them all…
Without handling swords.
Unusual people,
Won me over
To hover.
I was despairing…!!
Universe taught…
Carve into you,
You’ll get
You’d have ever sought.

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  1. So many things are going around in my life. Criticism is become part of life now. I really enjoy your Writings. I hope it will help needy one. Keep pushing and Changing your strategy.

    1. It always feels good when someone praises your work like you are doing. I am glad that it is helping you and you’re evenly enjoying my work.
      Thanks a lot brother. 🤘

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